10 Day Challenge Modules

Video lesson, Activities, Reflections

    1. Welcome from Coach Carole

    2. Getting Ready

    3. Discover the 10-Day Challenge Process

    1. Setting the Stage: The Proactive Family Historian

    2. The Art of Family History Storytelling: Embarking on Your Personal Journey

    3. Components and Elements of a Family History eBook

    4. How and Why AI helps plan your Family History eBook

    5. Chat GPT Prompts that every Family Historian should know

    1. Step 1: Determine your purpose

    2. Step 2: Create an outline and structure

    3. Step 3: Choose a format and style

    4. Step 4: Identify your target audience

    5. Step 5: Write an introduction

    1. Video Lesson: Introduction to AI in Genealogy and eBook Planning

    2. Practical Activity 1: Determine the scope your eBook

    3. Prompting Questions: plan your eBook outline

    1. Video Lesson: Structuring Your Family History eBook

    2. Practical Activity 2: Design the chapter structure

    3. Introduction to DabbleWriter

    4. Overview of Projects in DabbleWriter

    1. Video Lesson: Researching Ancestral Family Groups with AI

    2. Practical Activity 3: Add historical context to research

    3. Case Study: Discoveries from Further Research

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The AI Ancestry Chronicles

Exploring the Boundaries of Artificial Intelligence in Genealogy

As we delve into our heritage, we traverse bygone eras, unearthing stories that connect us, define us, and reverberate across generations. We have the exceptional opportunity to set out on this journey with an extraordinary ally in this era of rapidly advancing technology: artificial intelligence.

"The AI Ancestry Chronicles: Exploring the Boundaries of Artificial Intelligence in Genealogy" invites you to explore a new realm where ancestral storytelling converges with the cutting-edge capabilities of AI. With the aid of ground-breaking technological advancements, this book invites you on an exploration of previously uncharted territory in your family tree.

Whether you are an experienced genealogist or a budding family historian, this book serves as a beacon, guiding you through time. It presents a comprehensive plan to navigate the vast seas of data and information, enabling you to assemble the intricate puzzle of your ancestry.

Learn to collaborate with AI, utilising tools such as Chat GPT and Quillbot AI, to forge captivating narratives that infuse life into the names and dates populating your family tree. Uncover techniques for producing engaging story formats, ranging from letters and dialogues to story maps and character sketches. Hone your skills in historical reenactments and unleash the potential of AI to forge immersive worlds that transport your audience back in time.

This book transcends the conventional boundaries of genealogy, inspiring you to elevate your ancestral storytelling to unprecedented heights. From crafting family history videos, podcasts, and cookbooks to authoring your family history book or even constructing a family history website, you will learn to integrate technology into every aspect of your family history.

"The AI Ancestry Chronicles" is not merely a reference book; it's a boundless time machine. It's your gateway to the past, the key to unlocking your family's tales, and the bridge that spans the gap between your ancestral origins and the future.

Embark on this transformative odyssey and revolutionise your perception of family history. Our past is a veritable treasure chest of stories awaiting discovery, and with AI, we can bring them all to light.

The 10-Day Challenge


Course Outline:

Day 1: Introduction to AI in Genealogy and eBook Planning

  • Video tutorial: Overview of AI in genealogy and family history research

  • Activity: Identify the ancestral family group for your eBook.

  • Chat GPT: Exploring AI's potential in genealogical research

Day 2: Structuring Your Family History eBook

  • Video tutorial: Organising your eBook for maximum impact

  • Activity: Develop a chapter list and structure for your eBook.

  • Chat GPT: Tips for organising your research using AI

Day 3: Researching Ancestral Family Groups

  • Video tutorial: Effective research techniques and strategies

  • Activity: Gather relevant information about your chosen family group.

  • Chat GPT: Harnessing AI for efficient and accurate research

Day 4: Crafting Engaging Narratives

  • Video tutorial: Writing techniques for captivating storytelling

  • Activity: Draft a compelling introduction for your eBook.

  • Chat GPT: AI-assisted brainstorming and drafting

Day 5: Visual Elements and Formatting

  • Video tutorial: Enhancing your eBook with visuals and proper formatting

  • Activity: Select visuals and format your eBook's layout.

  • Chat GPT: AI-powered image suggestions and formatting tips

Day 6: Incorporating Historical Context

  • Video tutorial: Integrating historical events and context into your narrative

  • Activity: Research and weave historical context into your story.

  • Chat GPT: AI-supported discovery of historical events and trends

Day 7: Analysing and Presenting Family Data

  • Video tutorial: Analysing genealogical data and presenting it effectively

  • Activity: Create charts, graphs, or other visualisations for your eBook.

  • Chat GPT: AI-guided data analysis and visualisation suggestions

Day 8: Editing and Fine-Tuning Your Narrative

  • Video tutorial: Editing techniques to improve clarity and flow

  • Activity: Revise and polish your eBook's content.

  • Chat GPT: AI-assisted editing and proofreading

Day 9: Verifying and translating cultural history with AI

  • Video tutorial: navigating and translating specific cultural elements
  • Activity: review your eBook plan for historical and cultural accuracy
  • Chat GPT: AI-generated guidance on verifying familial and cultural practices

Day 10: Finalising the plan for your Family History eBook

  • Video tutorial: Options for designing and shaping your family history eBook 

  • Activity: Finalise your eBook plan and structure the layout of chapters

  • Chat GPT: AI-driven tips for designing and structuring your eBook

By the end of this 10-day challenge, you will have a well-researched, engaging, and polished eBook plan that showcases your ancestral family group. 

With the support of AI tools like Chat GPT and Quillbot, you will uncover new insights and create compelling narratives that honour your family's past.

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Jenny MacKay

You have given me the confidence to keep using AI. I keep trying different prompts and if I'm not entirely happy with the output, I'll start again. By following your lead, I'm getting better at my prompts. I'm ready to take my story writing t...

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You have given me the confidence to keep using AI. I keep trying different prompts and if I'm not entirely happy with the output, I'll start again. By following your lead, I'm getting better at my prompts. I'm ready to take my story writing to the next level. Thank you.

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