Course curriculum

Learning Outcomes

    1. Course Overview

    2. Course Outline and Learning Outcomes

    1. Introduction to Chat GPT

    2. First Steps with Chat GPT

    3. Setting Up Chat GPT

    4. Ethical Considerations in AI

    5. Chat GPT in the Genealogy Ecosystem

    6. Case Study 1: Your First Chat with GPT

    1. Delving into Chat GPT Techniques

    2. Chat GPT as a Genealogy Assistant

    3. Crafting Custom Instructions

    4. Mastering Prompts

    5. Managing and Filtering Responses

    6. Next Steps in Managing Chat GPT

    7. Case Study 2: Customised Genealogy Queries

    1. Enhancing Genealogy Research with AI

    2. Chat GPT for Ancestral Data Mining

    3. Cross-Validation with AI

    4. AI-Driven Research Strategies

    5. Historical Contextualization with Chat GPT

    6. Case Study 3: Creating Ancestral Research Reports

    1. Ancestral Storytelling assisted by AI

    2. Narrative Crafting with Chat GPT

    3. AI in Ancestral Narratives

    4. Creative Writing Techniques with AI

    5. Writing in the style of Literary Greats

    6. Narratives for People, Place, Occasion or Artefact

    7. Editing and Refinement: Working Collaboratively with AI

    8. Case Study 4: Crafting an Ancestral Story

    1. Introduction to the Latest Features

    2. Three Must-Have Chat GPT Plugins for Family Historians

    3. Best Practices with Chat GPT 4 + Vision

    4. Explorations with Chat GPT-4 and Dall-E 3

    5. Deep Dive into DALL-E 3

    6. Talk to Chat GPT

    7. Case Study 5: Mastering the AI Tools

About this course

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Discover the Power of AI in Genealogy

Six Steps to Success

  1. Chat GPT Fundamentals 
  2. Chat GPT Techniques 
  3. AI-Enhanced Research 
  4. AI-Assisted Storytelling 
  5. Latest Chat GPT Features 
  6. AI Guides for GPTs

Introduction and Overview:

Step 1: The Gateway to AI in Genealogy

Embark on a journey where technology meets history. We begin with a comprehensive introduction, setting the stage for how Chat GPT can revolutionise your genealogical research. Understand the course objectives, outcomes, and the exciting path ahead.

Chat GPT Fundamentals

Step 2: Building Your AI Foundation

Master the basics with an in-depth exploration of Chat GPT's core principles. Here, you'll learn about the technology behind this revolutionary tool and how it can be tailored to meet the unique needs of genealogical research.

Chat GPT Techniques

Step 3: Honing Your AI Skills

Dive deeper into the practical aspects. Learn specialised techniques to effectively utilise Chat GPT in genealogy, from querying historical databases to deciphering old manuscripts. Gain hands-on experience with real-world scenarios.

AI-Enhanced Research

Step 4: Unleashing Potential

Elevate your research as we explore the synergy between traditional genealogy methods and AI. Discover how to integrate AI into your research strategy, enhancing accuracy and uncovering hidden connections.

AI-Assisted Storytelling

Step 5: Bringing Ancestors to Life

Transform data into narratives. This module focuses on using Chat GPT to weave compelling family stories, turning dry facts into engaging tales that honour your ancestors' legacies.

Latest Chat GPT Features

Step 6: Staying Ahead

Stay updated with the latest advancements. Learn about new features, updates, and how they can be applied to genealogical research. Be at the forefront of AI-assisted genealogy.

Bonus Module:

AI Guides for GPTs

Become an AI guide. Create your own GPTs for those interested in guiding others in using GPT for genealogy. This additional module provides insights into mentorship and leadership in the AI-genealogy space with crafted GPTs.

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5 star rating

Chat GPT my Genealogy Assistant

Carole McCulloch

I really enjoyed putting this course together and hope you will enjoy the learning curve as you delve into Ancestry in the Age of AI.

I really enjoyed putting this course together and hope you will enjoy the learning curve as you delve into Ancestry in the Age of AI.

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Learning Outcomes

These are the learning outcomes from these modules

  • Module 1

    Introduction and Overview

    Identify and articulate the scope and objectives of the "Chat GPT for Genealogy" course. Outline the structure and key components of the course, preparing for strategic learning progress.

  • Module 2:

    Chat GPT Fundamentals

    Introduction to Chat GPT Define the fundamental concepts and operational framework of Chat GPT within genealogical research. First Steps with Chat GPT Execute basic commands and interactions with Chat GPT to initiate genealogical inquiries. Setting Up Chat GPT Configure Chat GPT settings tailored to individual genealogical research needs. Ethical Considerations in AI Evaluate the ethical implications of using AI in genealogy, ensuring responsible use. Chat GPT in the Genealogy Ecosystem Analyze Chat GPT's role and potential impacts within the broader genealogy research ecosystem. Case Study 1: Your First Chat with GPT Apply Chat GPT in a practical genealogy case study, reflecting on the experience and outcomes.

  • Module 3:

    Chat GPT Techniques

    Delving into Chat GPT Techniques Explore advanced techniques for leveraging Chat GPT in genealogical research. Chat GPT as a Genealogy Assistant Integrate Chat GPT as an assistant tool in genealogical tasks to optimize research efficiency. Crafting Custom Instructions Design tailored instructions for Chat GPT to elicit precise information and aid in genealogical research. Mastering Prompts Master the art of creating effective prompts to guide Chat GPT in producing relevant genealogical data. Managing and Filtering Responses Critique and filter Chat GPT responses for accuracy and relevance to genealogical inquiries. Next Steps in Managing Chat GPT Plan ongoing strategies for effective management of Chat GPT interactions in genealogy. Case Study 2: Customized Genealogy Queries Construct and evaluate customized genealogy queries using Chat GPT, synthesizing information into actionable research plans.