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Each time I write a story about an ancestor, I learn more about myself.

Move from nervous novice to the confident creator of family history stories! Storifying your Ancestors: Preserving your family history with stories. Are you short on time and want to preserve your family stories the easy way? Are you keen to narrate those favourite stories to share online? Do you have heaps of old photos and memorabilia in your memory box? Try the Digital Storytelling method. Do you want to create written ancestral stories for sharing with family and friends? Try the Blogging in the Past Lane or Family Story Magic courses to get you started in creating Ancestral Cards, Blog Posts, and short stories about your clan. Alternatively, if you wish to create your stories as blog posts, learn how to do that with Blogging in the Past Lane. Then take your writing to new heights. There are heroes and heroines in our ancestry, with stories to tell; we just need to find them. Take your ancestral story writing to new heights as you learn the basics of Family History research and how to create, polish, and present your family history stories online. You will learn how to share your stories in a blog or in the cloud.

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Each course focusses on a different aspect of preserving your family history

Courses in this academy will help transform your skills in writing family history stories.

From nervous novice to confident creator of family history stories!

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    Family Historian Bundle includes: Coaching in Ancestral Storytelling - How to Start your Family Tree - Essential Genealogist Tips - Family Story Magic - Blogging in the Past Lane - How to Organise your Genealogy Research - How to Expand your Personal Genealogy Network - DabbleWriter for Genealogists - How to Create and Preserve Family History Stories - Essential Genealogist: Genealogy Research and Storytelling Tips - Resources for Preserving Family History - eBook - Storifying Your Ancestors - eBook - The Devon Kin Keeper! - New courses are added during the year - You will have access to them all as long as you remain a member. New courses in 2023 include: - How to Start your Family Tree - Audio Visual Ancestral Storytelling - Unlocking Ancestral Story Publishing.

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    Four Zoom sessions scheduled three times per year - opportunities to meet in real-time and connect with other students. Four Saturdays in: Jan/Feb May/June Sept/Oct

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