Beyond the Pen

Unleashing AI's Power for Genealogy: Transform Your Ancestral Storytelling

Embark on a transformative journey with 'Beyond the Pen' — a course crafted for genealogy enthusiasts eager to bridge the gap between the old and the new. Dive into the heart of modern genealogy, where technology meets tradition, and discover how AI can illuminate your family's past in ways you never imagined. From uncovering hidden stories with advanced digital tools to weaving captivating narratives that breathe life into your ancestors, this course is your gateway to creating unforgettable family legacies. Join us, and let's turn your genealogy passion into a masterpiece of storytelling and visual artistry.

Course outline

10 Modules

    1. Workshop Schedule

    1. Welcome from your Guide: AI Tools for Writing Power

    2. Course Summary

    3. Outcome 1: Learn about innovative approaches to Writing

    4. How to expand your knowledge and keep abreast of the latest AI advancements in genealogy

    1. Welcome to Module 2: Tailoring AI for Your Writing

    2. Lesson 0: Understand AI and ChatGPT Basics

    3. Overview of AI Technology and Its Impact on Genealogy Writing

    4. Lesson 1: Embrace AI in Genealogy

    5. Lesson 2: Introduction to AI Customisation for Writers:

    6. Lesson 3: GPT for getting things done

    7. Lesson 4: Grasp the basics of Chat GPT

    8. Lesson 5: Shopping for GPTs

    9. Lesson 6: Creating your own GPTs

    10. Lesson 7: AI in the Realm of Fiction Writing

    11. Lesson 8: Writing Ancestral Stories with AI prompts

    12. Co-Intelligence Project: Part One

    13. Co-Intelligence Project: Part Two

    1. Lesson 1: Introduction to Prompt Formulation

    2. Lesson 2: Crafting Clear and Concise Prompts

    3. Lesson 3: The Power of Specificity in Prompts

    4. Lesson 4: Creative Experimentation with Prompts

    5. Lesson 5: The Feedback Loop: Refining Your Prompts

    6. Lesson 6: Maintaining Your Creative Edge with AI Assistance

    7. Lesson 7: Tailoring ChatGPT to Echo Your Writing Style

    8. Lesson 8: Blending AI into Your Writing Life: Strategies for Smooth Integration

    9. Case Study: Practical Applications in Genealogy

    1. Outcome 4: Overcome Challenges by Collaboration

    1. Outcome 5: Learn to create GPTs

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Course Outcomes:

By the end of this course, participants will:

"By joining 'Beyond the Pen,' you’re not just signing up for a course; you’re embarking on a journey to redefine your genealogical exploration. Here’s what awaits you: - **Become a Genealogy Maverick**: You'll master the art of detective work, unlocking secrets of your ancestry with advanced research techniques that reveal even the most elusive information. - **Embrace the Digital Revolution**: Gain proficiency in leveraging cutting-edge digital tools and databases, transforming how you organize and analyze genealogical data with efficiency and precision. - **Weave Enthralling Ancestral Sagas**: Learn to apply dynamic storytelling techniques, turning your family history into captivating narratives that resonate deeply and create lasting legacies. - **Craft Stunning Visual Legacies**: Discover how to use modern technology to produce visually striking genealogical presentations that not only tell stories but also mesmerize your audience. - **Navigate the Ethical Landscape**: Develop a keen understanding of the ethical considerations in genealogy, ensuring your storytelling honors the past while respecting privacy and sensitivity. Enroll in 'Beyond the Pen' to unlock these transformative skills and experiences. Together, we’ll turn your passion for genealogy into an art form, creating legacies that inspire generations."

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Embark on a transformative writing journey with AI technology in this 8-week course tailored for family historians and genealogists. Discover how to leverage AI tools to craft compelling narratives and bring your ancestral stories to life. Through engaging lessons, practical assignments, and interactive quizzes, you will enhance your storytelling skills and master the art of integrating AI into your writing process. Join us in exploring the intersection of genealogy, storytelling, and artificial intelligence.

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What This Course Offers

"Beyond the Pen" is structured into comprehensive modules, each focusing on a different aspect of AI-enhanced storytelling:

  • Understanding and Customising AI Tools:

    Start by familiarising yourself with AI technology and learning how to tailor it to your unique writing style

  • Prompt Formulation Mastery:

    Dive into the art of crafting effective prompts to elicit the best responses from AI, enhancing your narrative's depth and complexity.

  • Optimising Storytelling Prompts:

    Explore techniques to optimise prompts for various storytelling elements, including character development, plot structuring, and more.

  • Creating GPTs for Storytelling

    Learn to create specific prompts within your own GPTs that cater to narrative development, ensuring a smooth and productive AI-writing experience.

  • Narrative Content Generation:

    Narrative Content Generation: Discover how AI can assist in crafting compelling narrative content, from initial brainstorming to the final draft.

  • Fine-tuning the Narrative:

    Use AI to refine and polish your narrative, enhancing clarity, coherence, and emotional impact.

  • Utilising AI Creatively:

    Utilising AI Creatively: Experiment with AI in various creative writing aspects, including genre exploration, mood setting, and dialogues.

  • Advanced Techniques:

    Delve into advanced storytelling techniques using AI, such as nonlinear narratives, flashbacks, foreshadowing, and more.

  • Transform Data into Art:

    Learn the secrets of AI to create genealogical images that do more than tell stories; they captivate and mesmerise, turning your family history into a breathtaking visual legacy that speaks volumes.