Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to AI-Assisted Storytelling

    2. Understanding Chat GPT Omni

    3. Getting Started with Chat GPT Omni

    1. Overview

    2. Chat GPT 0mni: Tip 1

    3. Chat GPT 0mni: Tip 2

    4. Chat GPT Omni: Tip 3

    5. Chat GPT Omni: Tip 5

    6. Chat GPT Omni: Tip 6

    7. Chat GPT Omni: Tip 7

    8. Chat GPT Omni: Tip 8

    1. Overview

    2. How AI can enhance the narrative structure in storytelling

    3. How AI Can Help in Generating Creative Story Ideas

    4. The Role of AI in Character Development

    5. Examples of AI-Generated Dialogue

    6. How AI Assists in Maintaining Consistency in Storytelling

    7. How AI Can Help with World-Building in Fiction Writing

    8. How AI Can Foreshadow Events in a Story

    9. How AI Tools Help Writers with Flashbacks and Non-Linear Storytelling

    10. How AI Can Improve Dialogue Writing

    11. How AI Can Assist with Editing and Refining a Story

    12. How AI Can Be Used to Create Cliffhangers in a Story

    13. How AI Can Aid in Writing Different Genres of Fiction

    14. How AI Tools Help in Plotting a Story

    15. Benefits of Using AI for Ancestral Storytelling

    16. Can AI Help in Identifying and Resolving Plot Holes

    17. Outline Template for your Home Story

    1. Overview

    2. Sharing your work with AI for feedback

    3. Collaborating with AI for story improvement

    4. Podcasts for Genealogy and AI

    1. Overview

    2. Real-World Applications of AI in Storytelling

    3. Lesson 1: Planning and executing your final story project

    4. Lesson 2: Presenting and sharing your AI-assisted story

    5. Create a Story with Omni Workshop

    1. Overview

    2. Story 1: The Genealogist's Challenge

    3. Story 2: The Keeper's Secret

    4. Story 3: Guardian of the Mystical Forest

    5. Story 4: Elara and the Celestial Loom

    6. Story 5: Ancestral Voices

About this course

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Learning Outcomes

  • Master the art of prompting

    How best to engineer prompts to get the best responses from Chat GPT Omni.

  • Improve writing skills with ease

    How to use Chat GPT Omni to improve your writing and editing techniques.

  • Create ancestral stories fast

    How to get assistance from Chat GPT Omni to write an outline for an ancestral story.