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Why take this course now?

Become a confident Geneablogger!

Is this you?

You have begun your family tree and have researched your ancestral roots back through the centuries!

You have discovered some poignant histories of your ancestors from your research!

You have dabbled in creating stories for your ancestors and written them in your blog posts!

You now want to share those stories as a legacy for your family and future descendants!

Course Overview

Practical tools for blogging ancestral stories

Do you need help with setting up, creating, and publishing your ancestral stories in blog posts? Do you need coaching assistance when setting up your WordPress site for family history stories? This course will step you through the process of setting up, managing, and working in a WordPress blog site. Each week there is a live group call in Zoom giving you tips and tricks in each of the modules. Optional one-on-one coaching calls are also provided in this course, to provide individual advice and work with you sessions in Zoom.

Course curriculum

and learning outcomes

  • 1
  • 2

    January 2023 Live Casts

    • Determine your Why?

    • Define your Who?

    • Structure the What

    • Gather your Sources

    • Dig for Details

    • Verify your Research

    • Write to a Theme

  • 3

    2. Planning Ancestral Stories

    • Ancestral Story Research Plan for 2022?

    • Ancestral Storytelling Tips

    • Sample Ancestral Story Plans: Google doc

    • Sample Ancestral Story Plans: Google sheet

    • Ancestral Story Starter Kit

    • Ancestral Story Planning: Trello

    • Invitation to Masterclass #1

    • Recording of MasterClass #1 May 7 2022

    • Recording of MasterClass #1 10 Sept 2022

  • 4

    3. Preserving Ancestral Research with Evernote

    • How to Use Evernote to Preserve your Research

    • Using Tags & Filters for Searching in Evernote

    • Adding Transcripts from FindMyPast to Evernote Notebooks

    • Adding search data with Evernote Web Clipper

    • Evernote Series Tutorials: 1. Setup & Customise Evernote

    • Evernote Series Tutorials: 2. Evernote Navigation

    • Evernote Series Tutorials: 3. Evernote Notebooks

    • Evernote Series Tutorials: 4. Evernote Notes

    • Evernote Series Tutorials: 5. Evernote Web Clipper

    • Evernote Series Tutorials: 6. Photos & Tasks in Evernote

    • Evernote Series Tutorials: 7 Filters & Tags in Evernote

    • Evernote Series Tutorials: 8. Evernote Stacks

    • Evernote Series Tutorials: 9. Sharing Evernote

    • Evernote Series Tutorials: 10. Evernote Widgets

  • 5

    4. Writing Ancestral Stories

    • Writing Skills for Genealogists

    • Where will you write your ancestral stories?

    • Resources for Inspiration!

    • Genealogical Mystery Interactivity

    • Plot your Ancestral Story

    • Prepare your Stories whilst Researching

    • Prepare Stories as Ancestral Heritage Trails

    • Invitation to Masterclass #2

    • Recording of MasterClass #2 May 14 2022

    • Recording of MasterClass 25 February 2023

  • 6

    Optional: DabbleWriter for Genealogists

  • 7

    5. Blogging Tools for Sharing Ancestral Stories

  • 8

    6. WordPress Basics

    • Introduction to WordPress

    • How to Setup your WordPress Site

    • How to Manage your WordPress Pages and Posts

    • How to Customise your site: WordPress Editor

    • How to Manage your site: WordPress Menus

  • 9

    7. WordPress Management

    • Introduction to Story writing in a blog

    • Plan your Blog Writing Schedule

    • How to write your story creatively

    • How to draft a Post in WordPress

    • How to edit your Posts

    • How to prepare for Publication

  • 10

    8. WordPress Publishing

    • Introduction to Promoting your Blog

    • How to Schedule and Plan Posts

    • How to Connect your WordPress blog to Social Media

    • How to setup your Social Media presence

    • Invite Family and Friends to view your Blog

    • Invitation to Masterclass #4

    • Recording of MasterClass #4 May 28 2022

  • 11

    9. Illustrating with Graphics from Canva

    • Plan your Featured Images

    • Organise Image Folders & Templates

    • Design your featured images

    • Download your Images from Canva

    • Bonus: 3D mockups for book covers

  • 12

    10: Oral Storytelling with Rakonto

    • Rakonto Explained and Explored

    • Overview of Rakonto in Action

    • Carole's Rakonto Collections

  • 13

    11. Bonus Materials & Workbooks

    • Ancestral Story Starter Kit

    • Free copy of eBook 'Storyifying your Ancestors'

  • 14

    12. Join my Academy Membership

    • Keep Up-to-Date by subscribing to Family History Preserved Blogs

    • How to contact me

    • Feedback Survey

    • What's Next?

Downloadable Workbook

Ancestral Storytelling Starter Kit

The workbook includes: Tips on WordPress Blog posts, and writing planning space! Tips to Plan and manage your ancestral story collections using Trello! Tips on writing, editing, and publishing your stories! Tips to illustrate your stories with graphics created in Canva! Tips to schedule and share your stories on social media from WordPress and Buffer! Tips for transforming your blog posts into illustrated Visual Stories.
worksheet cover page


Learn by doing

  • Create

    Create a WordPress site and master the Theme, Menus, Pages, and Posts,

  • Communicate

    Discuss goals, and progress, and get advice in weekly forums and live sessions.

  • Collaborate

    Join a social media community of learners to share ideas and get feedback.

  • Create Ancestral Stories

    Create engaging ancestral stories to preserve your clan's history. Create a collection of Manuscripts in DabbleWriter.

  • Illustrate

    Create engaging illustrations for your stories using Canva.

  • Publish

    Publish your stories as blogs posts and share on social media.

Learning Outcomes

What you will get from this course.

  • 1. Set up and manage a WordPress Site

  • 2. Setup and manage a DabbleWriter site

  • 3. Customise and navigate in WordPress and DabbleWriter sites

  • 4. Setup and manage a Trello Board

  • 5. Create stories as blogs

  • 6. Edit and publish Posts

  • 7. Create images in Canva to illustrate stories

  • 8. Schedule and promote Posts

  • 9. Automate promotions with Buffer

  • 10. Setup a matching social media site