Course curriculum

    1. How to plan your Ancestral Research

    2. How to Research your Ancestors

    3. Choose a Family Tree online Site

    4. Choose a Family Tree Program or App

    5. Using a Smart Google Search

    6. Research Tips from the Experts: Part 1

    7. Research Tips from the Experts: Part 2

    8. Record the Facts you Know

    9. Verify the Data you Find

    10. Dig deeper into News stories

    11. Interview Family Members

    12. Extra Resources for Genealogy Basics

    1. How to obtain data from FreeBMD?

    2. How to find Free Research Websites

    3. How to Expand your Research

    4. How to find Ancestors in the British Newspapers

    5. How to find Ancestors in the Australian Newspapers

    6. How to Find the Link to your Ancestors Story

    1. What is a Storyboard?

    2. Introducing Word for Storyboarding

    3. Introducing Trello

    4. Exploring Ancestral Cards in Trello

    5. Introducing PowerPoint for Storyboarding

    6. Exploring PowerPoint

    7. Managing visuals

    8. Introducing Canva for your Story Images

    9. Exploring Canva for Storyboarding

    1. How to Storify your Ancestors

    2. Introducing DabbleWriter

    3. Exploring DabbleWriter

    4. Discussing your Writing

    5. DabbleWriter for Genealogists

About this course

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Finding Heroes

There are heroes and heroines in our ancestry, with stories to tell; we just need to find them. Take your ancestral story writing to new heights as you learn the basics of Family History research and how to create, polish and present your family history stories online. You will learn how to share your stories in a blog or in the cloud.

Family History research is an extremely popular pursuit, even more so in recent times when we are isolated or locked down, restricted to movement outside of our homes during the 2020 Pandemic. Many more family historians are using their time to find out more about their ancestors. How to research and build a family tree are high on the list of tasks for them. Others just want to write and share stories about their heroes and need to know how to get started. On completion of this course you will be able to choose the most appropriate tools and methods for creating the data, the story line and the shareable story of your ancestor. You will be able to move on confidently to the creation of more stories using the techniques learned in this course. Most importantly you will be able to make a contribution to the preservation of your family history and leave a legacy for your descendants. As a genealogist and family historian with a teaching background and course creation skills, I can help you build your stories and share them online. My story writing pursuits stretch back for over a decade and after completion of my Diploma in Family History I know I have the answers to many of your questions about preserving family history. In this course How to Create Your Family Stories, I present and teach you how to use several practical tools for connecting with your ancestry.

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