Essential Habits for Genealogists

Tips for Family Historians

A collection of short video tutorials for getting started with Family History

Course curriculum

    1. How to access your resources

    1. How to record Genealogy Research Notes

    2. How to explore your Genealogy Source

    3. How to expand your Genealogy Research

    4. How to find your Ancestors in the News

    5. How to use Free Search Tools

    6. How to find more Free Research websites

    7. How to use Trello for Ancestral Cards

    8. How to find helpful Geneabloggers

    9. How to find Genealogy Communities in Facebook

    10. How to use Canva to create image collages

    11. How to write, store and share your stories in the cloud

    12. How to download and create a tree with Legacy 9

    13. How research Death Notices

    14. How to fix problems in your Family Tree

    15. How to verify your family tree facts

    1. Bonus: Digital Storytelling - Rakonto Explained and Explored

    1. PDF Resource #1: Family Story Magic Workbook

    2. PDF Resource #2: Ancestral Card Template

    3. PDF Resource #3: Know Your Ancestors Template

    4. PDF Resource #4: Meet Your Ancestors

    5. PDF Resource #5: Writing in your WordPress Worksheet 2 fillable

    6. PDF Resource #6: Planning your Story Library Worksheet 3 fillable

    1. Free eBook: Awaken your Course Creation Mojo (by Sarah Cordiner)

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