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In this course you will learn how to piece together a story of an ancestor from your research, ancestral cards and a story outline template.

  • 01

    Pre-course Introduction: Welcome to the course!

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  • 02

    Module 1: Research your Ancestor

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    • Introduction: Know your Ancestor

    • Lesson 1: Trace your Ancestor

    • Lesson 2: Find out more about your ancestor

    • Lesson 3: Locate treasures for your Ancestor

    • Lesson 4: Document your ancestor Storyline

    • Lesson 5: Set your story in time

    • Lesson 6: Interview a living relative

    • Bonus 1: Discuss your story (Optional: book a time with me)

  • 03

    Module 2: Write about your Ancestor

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    • Introduction: Prepare your story outline

    • Lesson 1: Design the story

    • Lesson 2: Plot Story Threads and Treasures

    • Lesson 3: Expand your Ancestral Card

    • Lesson 4: Final steps for your story

    • Lesson 5: Read your story out loud

    • Bonus 2: Oral history of your Ancestors

  • 04

    Module 3: Share the story of your Ancestor

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    • Introduction: Storing and Sharing Stories

    • Lesson 1: Create a story collection library

    • Lesson 2: Organise your story Collections

    • Lesson 3: Upload stories to your collection library

    • Lesson 4: Manage your Story collection library

    • Lesson 5: Share your story collection

    • Bonus 3: Discuss your collection library with me (Optional: Book a time with me.)

  • 05

    What's next?

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    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • More resources for you

    • Your Testimonial

    • Waiting List for more Family History ecourses

    • Before you Go: please send me some feedback on the course


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Ancestral Cards Workbook

This bonus material will help you to structure your ancestor's storyline.

  • What is the Ancestral Cards Worksheet?

    The Ancestral Cards Workbook is a standalone resource that you can use to step you through the process of creating Ancestral Cards of your ancestor's life for sharing online. Download the Workbook in the course in Module 2 of Family Story Magic.

  • What is an Ancestral Card?

    An Ancestral card is a visual representation of the life of an ancestor in short scenarios and displayed on a website that you can share and collaborate with other family members.

  • Why would I use an Ancestral Card?

    I recommend the use of Ancestral cards to : a) engage with your readers b) collaborate with family c) structure a storyline

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