What you will achieve from this course!

Strategies for a smarter more streamlined and intuitive way of organising your genealogy research.

  • Access to cloud based research tools

  • Advice on how to download your research resources.

  • Tips on storing, sharing and publishing your research in the cloud.

Course curriculum

    1. Meet your Trainer

    2. Welcome and Overview of Course

    3. How to navigate this course

    4. Before we begin...

    1. Common Questions about Genealogy Research

    2. The What

    3. The How

    4. Knowing Where to Look

    5. Bonus: How to research in FindMyPast

    1. Lesson 1: How the Internet Helps

    2. Lesson 2: How to choose a Family Tree Site

    3. Lesson 3: How to Choose a Desktop Family Tree Program

    4. Lesson 4: How to Use a Smart Google Search

    5. Lesson 5: How to Create Research Notes

    6. Optional Research Notes: Templates

    7. Optional Family Group Sheet: PDF Fillable Form

    8. Lesson 6: How to Verify the Data you Find

    9. Lesson 7: How to Dig deeper into News stories

    10. Lesson 8: How to Interview Family Members

    11. Bonus Lesson: How to delve into old newspapers for your ancestral history.

    12. Bonus Lesson: Introducing WeAre.xyz

    1. Lesson 10: How to plan your Genealogy Research Records

    2. Genealogy Research Planner Cheat Sheet

    3. Lesson 11: How to simplify your Genealogy Research Plan

    4. Genealogy Research Planner [Spreadsheet]

    5. Lesson 12: Where to Find Genealogy Forms and Charts

    6. Lesson 13: How to process Individual and Family Group Sheets

    7. Lesson 14: How to use Generation Pedigree Charts

    8. Pedigree Charts: PDF Fillable

    9. Lesson 15: How to Use Evernote to Preserve your Research

    10. Bonus Lesson 1 for Evernote Users

    11. Bonus Lesson 2 for Evernote Users

    12. Bonus Lesson 3 for Evernote Users

    1. Lesson 16A: How to Start your Family Tree

    2. Lesson 16B: How to Start a Family Tree in Find My Past

    3. Lesson 17: How to Use Hints and Search to Expand your Family Tree

    4. Lesson 18: How to Add Media to Evernote

    5. Lesson 19: How to Use Web Clips for Evernote

    6. Lesson 20: How to Share your Genealogy Research

    7. Lesson 21: How to Find Help at Find My Past

    1. Introduction to Conversations with Chat GPT

    2. S.M.A.R.T. Genealogy Planner 2023

    3. Chat GPT research assistance in action: find and analyse historical records

    4. Organising your AI Prompts: to overcome research obstacles and break through brick walls

    5. How to use Chat GPT for brainstorming and generating ideas to expand your family tree

    6. Using Chat GPT to organize and present your genealogy research findings

    7. Using Chat GPT to collaborate and connect with other researchers

    8. Citation Assistance from Chat GPT


About this course

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  • 57 lessons
  • 5 hours of video content

New Module

How to use AI tools to enhance your Genealogy Research

AI assistance from Chat GPT will improve your genealogy research. In this new module you will gain a better understanding of Chat GPT's capabilities and how it can be a valuable tool in your research process

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If you have a coupon, it's 20% off.

This module introduces you to Chat GPT as your new research assistant.

Tip for Organising your Research

Live Casts from YouTube

Find a series of Live Cast Tips in my Playlists on YouTube! For example: https://youtu.be/L50oFgoXmvc

Student reviews

5 star rating

I completed this course mainly for the Ai element although this is not mentioned in the title

Sandra Uphill

I really enjoyed finding out more about the use of Ai in genealogy and have started using it now. Very useful.

I really enjoyed finding out more about the use of Ai in genealogy and have started using it now. Very useful.

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