How to Build Your Family Tree:

Piecing Together Your Past!

When I first began my family tree, I made lots of mistakes and went down some typical genealogical rabbit holes. In this online course I give you all the tools and information you need to make a complete and accurate family tree. With easy-to-follow lessons and expert guidance, you will learn how to use the big four online family trees—Ancestry, FindMyPast, MyHeritage, and FamilySearch—to discover your ancestry and piece together your family's past. By the end of this course, you will be able to: Use online family tree platforms effectively to research your ancestry Navigate and interpret historical records, such as census data and birth, marriage and death certificates Utilize DNA testing to trace your ancestry and identify potential relatives Organize and analyze your findings to build a comprehensive family tree Preserve and share your family history with future generations No matter how much you know about genealogy or how new you are to it, this course will help you reach your goals and feel confident in your ability to build your family tree. Sign up now and start piecing together the story of your family's past!

Learning Outcomes

easy steps to creating your family tree

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    Essential Genealogy: Piecing together the Past

    • Introduction: Creating a Family History Memory Box

    • Chapter 1: Introduction to Genealogy Research

    • Chapter 2: Getting Organised: setting up your genealogy research

    • Chapter 3: Online Resources for genealogy research

    • Chapter 4: Tracing your Ancestry through Census records

    • Chapter 5: Using Vital Records for Genealogy research

    • Chapter 6: Exploring Military Records for Genealogy Research

    • Chapter 7: Uncovering your Ancestry through DNA Testing

    • Chapter 8: Using Historical Maps and Land Records for Genealogy Research

    • Chapter 9: Digging into your ancestors' lives: researching occupational and social history

    • Chapter 10: Preserving your genealogy research; building a family tree and sharing your findings

  • 3

    Genealogy Basics

    • Getting Started: Understanding Genealogy and Its Importance

    • Gathering and Organising your information: Record what you know

    • Researching Online: Using Genealogy Websites and Databases

    • Researching Offline Utilizing Vital Records and Other Historical Documents

    • Breaking Down Brick Walls Solving Genealogy Puzzles

  • 4

    What are the popular family tree building tools?

    • Would you like to build your tree publicly?

    • Would you like to build your tree privately?

  • 5

    How to easily create a family tree?

    • Lesson 1: Create your family tree in FindMyPast

    • Lesson 2: Create your family tree in FindMyPast

    • Lesson 3: Create your family tree in FindMyPast

    • Lesson 4: Create your family tree in FindMyPast

    • Lesson 5: Create your family tree in FindMyPast

    • Lesson 1: Create your family tree in Ancestry

    • Lesson 2: Create with Ancestry

    • Lesson 3: Create with Ancestry

    • Lesson 4: Create with Ancestry

    • Lesson 5: Create with Ancestry

    • Create your family tree in MyHeritage

    • Create your family tree in FamilySearch

    • Bonus Lesson: Export your Family Tree from FindMyPast

  • 6

    Coaching Call to get your family tree started

    • How to book some time with me!

    • Book a coaching call with me

  • 7

    Extras: Live Casts

    • Determine your Why!

    • How to start your family tree

    • Know where to look

    • How to record research

    • Dig for Details and the 1921 Census

Learning Outcomes

Here's what you will be able to do at the end of the course.

  • Confidently create a family tree account in your chosen software eg Ancestry

  • Build your family tree from the ground up starting with yourself.

  • Expand your family tree to multiple generations back in time.

  • Locate vital records for each ancestor from the correct categories in the database.

  • Locate and analyse census records for each ancestor.

  • Find the right military records for your soldier ancestors.

  • Download transcripts and vital records from the database.

  • Upload media to your ancestor’s page in the tree eg. Photos

  • Use the Help Desk in the database effectively.