Preserving Family History Academy Membership Vault

Contains several self-study courses with insights into ways of researching, storing, building your family tree and sharing family history, with a focus on storytelling.

Multiple Ways to Preserve Family History

Downloads include Workbooks and Checklists

Document your Research; Create a Family Tree; Create Ancestral Cards; Create Digital Stories; Build storyboards; Write your Family Stories; Share Family Stories in a Blog; Preserve your Family History.


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Learning Outcomes

Each course focusses on a different aspects of preserving your family history. Here are 10 things you will learn to do when you delve into these courses in the Family Historian Membership Vault..

  • Research your Ancestor's past

  • Create useful research notes

  • Create a Family Tree

  • Create Ancestral Cards

  • Create and collate stories in the cloud

  • Write compelling stories of your Ancestors

  • Collaborate with Family in Storyboards

  • Share your Family Stories in a Blog

  • Create your Genealogy Personal Learning Network

  • Develop Essential Habits as a Genealogist

What you get in this Members Only Vault

Fourteen courses plus ebooks plus optional coaching.

  • Value forever

    $2000 value

    18 courses, 600 Lessons, 12 workbooks

  • 2-3 Extra Courses Automatically added each year

    $500 value

    $500 value increases each year but you still only pay $15 a month.

  • Extras On Demand

    $100 per hour coaching sessions

    You can request a personal coaching session on any of the courses and pay only $25. Special coupons apply. In some courses the coaching calls are built in at no extra cost.

Podcast with Sarah Cordiner

Build your Brand & Influence with your Ancestral story.


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